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North Kent Mind, The Almshouses, 20 West Hill Dartford, Kent, DA1 2EP

  • General Office: 01322 291380
  • Fax: 01322 285294


Latest News

Latest News


Thank you

A big thank you to Julie for her fundraiser which raised £1080!

Thanks to the following bands for their support;

Gallows circus
Orphan Gears
Anthony Martin
Chewie, Lewis and the Blues


Help Ria fundraise!

Ria’s story

This charity has helped me so much in so many ways and I really would like to give something back so Thursday the 7th of November whatever the weather I will walk to Dartford and back again from Swanley.

Around 2 hours and 40 minutes round trip although I will stop for a short break. North Kent Mind have been brilliant in one of the most difficult years of my life. Supporting this amazing charity is the way forward. If anyone would like to join me please give me a nudge.


Donate HERE

For World Mental Health Day North Kent Mind has a stall at Bluewater in the upper mall opposite the entrance to M&S; Thursday 10th and Friday 11th October 10am to 9pm. Come and visit!



Thank you

A big thank you to Katie and Chris for raising £803.75 and completing Tough Mudder 5K!



World Mental Health Day 10th October

is coming up and we are participating in several promotions; Tree Estate Community Centre, Bluewater, and Dartford Library.

Tree Estate Community Centre

Find out more here:

Mental Health Awareness Day Poster


Other events include:


Stall in the upper mall opposite the entrance to M&S; Thursday 10th and Friday 11th October 10am to 9pm

Swanley Link: Swanley library 9.30am to 11.30am

Dartford Library: 10am to 12pm

World Mental Health Day Poster



September 23rd is Mindful Monday!

To celebrate , we have organised a Mindful walk around Dartford park .

It’s free, it’s fun and it’s active!

Find out more here: Mindful Monday Poster



Thank you

Emma Jarnell manager of Springboard Employment services for North Kent Mind is being presented a cheque for £200 by Bridget Asda Community Champion.This was because they came runners-up in Asda green token giving vote. The money will be used to provide community projects for their user groups.



North Kent Mind has been awarded the Mind Quality Mark (MQM).

MQM Certificate:


The MQM is a robust quality assurance framework created by Mind, the mental health charity. MQM sets out the baseline of best practice and legal compliance in all areas of a local Mind’s governance and activities.

To achieve the MQM, a local Mind must meet or exceed all 24 key standards. Local Minds undergo a rigorous assessment which includes a thorough appraisal of organisational policies and procedures as well as a visit and interviews with trustees, staff, volunteers and people who use services.

MQM is awarded when all standards are fully met.The MQM provides assurance that local Minds across England and Wales are well-run organisations who meet Mind’s expectations of good practice, and in many cases excel beyond those expectations.

It provides assurance that they are healthy, ambitious and strong in providing the highest quality support to people experiencing or at risk of developing mental health problems.


Thank you

Aman Khaira presents Emma Jarnell a cheque for £500, raised by “The Dartford Roundtable“. Thank you.




Thank you

A big thank you to Martin Tolhurst Solicitors who raised £10,000 for North Kent MIND!

To reach this huge charitable donation the team at Martin Tolhurst have been getting involved in many events throughout the year including peak challenge, bake offs, dress down days and abseils as well as the highly successful Santa Run and they have truly exceeded their selves in working towards this goal.




Thank you

A big thank you to Dartford FC for the money they raised and donated to North Kent Mind today.



Thank you

A big thank you to Asda Gillingham and the local community for raising £200 for us via their green token scheme.



London Marathon 2019

Including Gift Aid Charlie has raised over £2500 by running in the marathon, her time was 5 hours 44 minutes! 

Well done, Charlie!



World Mental Health Day 2019




The World Mental Health Day event takes place on 15/05/2019 at the address below. 


St. Edmunds Church Living Well
St Edmunds Road
Dartford. Kent. DA1 5ND.


World Mental Health Day Poster


Tough Mudder 5K

My name is Chris and I am running the Tough Mudder 5K to raise money and awareness for North Kent Mind. Mental health is an area that has fascinated and been important to me since I was around 13/14 years old. The reason I have chosen Tough Mudder 5k is because it is one of the most challenging things I’ve heard of. It involves tackling 13 obstacles across a 5k distance, which is going to take a lot of preparation and hard work from me if I want to be able to complete it!

My initial aim is to raise £250.00. However, I’m really hoping to be able to keep upping that target with all of your help! Hopefully raising this much will be able to help train people in the local community to aid with people’s mental health difficulties – the more people we have with the skills to help, the more people could be helped in the long run.



For more information and to donate please CLICK HERE



Tough Mudder 5K

My name is Katie Barker and on the 21st of September 2019 I am planning on taking part in the Tough Mudder 5k for North Kent Mind. I have chosen North Kent Mind because I feel the work they do is very important in potentially saving people’s lives. As a agoraphobia mentor volunteer I have heard of and seen the support North Kent Mind provides for people and the benefits this has on their lives from giving them the confidence to tackle their anxieties to helping them understand their mental illness. Since North Kent Mind work tirelessly to support us, I wanted to do something to help support them by raising my target of £250. Hopefully, this money will go back into the Wellbeing Services and provide more people with agoraphobia the support they need to change their lives. I have chosen Tough Mudder because it is a massive challenge for me and requires my time and dedication, just as North Kent Mind give to others.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.



For more information and to donate please CLICK HERE

Thank you

A big thank you to John Lewis at Bluewater for all their hard work and fundraising.



Vitality London 10,000 – MAY 2019

My name is Harley and I am running the London Vitality 10,000 this May to raise money and awareness for North Kent Mind. I have served as a Trustee for North Kent Mind since January 2014 and was elected as Chair of the Board in 2017. My first experience of our organisation was as a Student (in 2012). I am very pleased I had this experience as it challenged me to think about mental health differently. I am passionate about supporting those who may need a helping hand or a listening ear at times, whether by providing services or challenging stigma and discrimination within society, because I care about fairness and respect for all. Society seems mostly to forgive and accept those with physical illnesses, but those suffering with mental health issues or difficulties can be shunned and treated unfairly. This is simply not fair, and whilst things are improving, there is still a lot of work to do in this area.

For more information and to donate please CLICK HERE



Most people will know someone who has been affected by mental health issues. I feel very strongly that being able to access the right kind of help and support as quickly and easily as possible is crucial when facing such difficulties. As a volunteer counsellor for North Kent Mind, I feel very privileged to have been offered the opportunity to participate in Vitality London 10,000. Participating in a running event like this is something I have never done before as I only began running a few years ago. However, my admiration for the help and support the wide ranging services North Kent Mind offers has inspired me to take up this challenge. I believe this is a great opportunity to help ensure such services continue to get the funding they so desperately need. No one should have to face mental health problems alone and I hope that the money I raise will enable more people to access the Low Cost counselling service North Kent Mind offers and to achieve the help, support and respect they deserve.

For more information and to donate please CLICK HERE

London Marathon APRIL 2019

My name is Charlie and I am running the London Marathon on Sunday 28th April 2019 to raise money and awareness for North Kent Mind. I have been a counsellor for the Low Cost Counselling provision at the charity since September 2017 so it has a place close to my heart.

For more information and to donate please CLICK HERE.

World Mental Health Day

The North Kent Mind – Employment Service team enjoying World Mental Health Day (10th October 2018) at St Edmund’s Church, Healthily Living Centre.

Made in Kent Magazine

View our latest Made in Kent magazine featuring our Products, Artists and Suppliers, CLICK HERE.

Martin Tolhurst

We are very excited to announce that Martin Tolhurst Solicitors has chosen us as their charity of year. The Kent firm has around 160 members of staff and has seen a huge rise in the importance of Mental Health in the work place.  After a firm wide vote North Kent Mind came out with a huge majority.

Fight Klub

Some more excellent news and a big ‘thank you’ to all those involved in fundraising £645 for North Kent Mind on the 17th May.

Team Rodenstock

A big thank you to everyone at Rodenstock in Northfleet who participated in the sponsored walk fundraiser and successfully raised significant funds for both North Kent Mind and National Mind.





North Kent Mind's fee-paying counselling services can also be found on The Counselling Directory

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