North Kent Minds Co-production Panel

Hi, I’m Amy Oliver, I am the Service Development Manager at North Kent Mind.

I oversee our Employment Services, Ecology Island, and the Service User Network, helping to support clients build confidence and improve their wellbeing, in a safe, welcoming environment.

I am also the lead for our Co-Production panel, steering peer support throughout the organisation. I am passionate about promoting inclusion and challenging the stigma surrounding mental health so I am excited that my role also extends to the further development of existing and new services. Fundamental to this are the views and voices of individual’s with lived experience of mental health issues.

Our Co-Production panel are comprised of a range of individual’s with a connection to NKM and we are committed to improving our services through regular meetings and feedback.

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Here at North Kent Mind, we are committed to continually improving our services through quality, review and feedback. We strongly believe that people with lived experience of mental health problems should play a vital role in influencing the way our Mental Health Services are planned and delivered.

As a result of this we have put together our Co-production Team!

The Co-production Team meets regularly to discuss different topics and themes related to the organisation to steer decisions, developments and change.

The aim of the team is to develop, innovate and challenge all aspects of how we deliver our services, alongside influencing change in the wider North Kent Mind organisation.

Anyone connected with North Kent Mind who has lived experience of mental health problems can become part of our Co-production Team and through our shared, lived experience, we can bring a wealth of knowledge, strength and understanding.

Service Users, Trustees, Volunteers, and Employees who access or facilitate North Kent Mind’s services, are invited to become Co-producers, and together our aim is to deliver a sustainable, empowered, dynamic partnership!

Interested in being involved? You can find the job description here!

For further information, you can contact our office on 01322 291380 or email

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