Staff and Trustees

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Board of Trustees

Senior Management

Central Services

Support Services – Wellbeing

Support Services – Housing

Employment Services


Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT)

Fee Paying Services

Training Services

IAPT Sessional Workers

Children and Young Person’s Support Services


List of Staff and Trustees

Board of Trustees

Vacant – Deputy Chair
Alex Stukalov-Stone – Trustee
Donald Macleod – Trustee
Andrew Upstill – Trustee
Lyndsey Stukalov-Stone – Trustee
Jane Barham – Trustee
Sarah Gow – Trustee
Eleanor Collins – Trustee
Philip Vickery – Trustee

Senior Management

Justin Bateman – Chief Executive Officer
Richard Giles – Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Central Services

Angie Lawrence – Central Services Manager
Janet Taylor – Senior Administrative Officer
Angie Purchase – Human Resources Administrator
Alisa Corfield – Facilities Coordinator
Sue Minall – Senior Finance Officer
Laura Maloney – Finance Manager
Callum Meekums – Finance Administrator
Nicole Blackman – Assistant Finance Officer
Brian Barnes – Cleaner
Joy Scudder –  Administrator
Meg Forsdick –  Administrator
Lisa Gardiner – IAPT Administrator
Troy Thornton – IAPT Administrator
Karen Trueman – IAPT Administrator
Kay Flynn – IAPT Administrator
Louise Soilleux – IAPT Administrator
Sandra Walter – First Contact Co-ordinator
Cat Baggett – First Contact Co-ordinator
Wendy Heathcote – Volunteering Coordinator
Francesca Rossi – Receptionist 
Callum Meekums  – Finance Administrator 
Lorraine Roberts  – Assistant Finance Officer 
Rica Relusco  – Administrator – HR (Kickstarter) 

Support Services – Wellbeing

Philip Mardell – Wellbeing Services Manager
Sue Carter – Support Worker
Paul Buggs – Database Administrator
Luke Warren – Support Worker
Kay Cordingley – Time for Change Facilitator
Leanne Wallace – Recovery and Community Inclusion Worker
Thalia Pollington – Recovery and Community Inclusion Worker
Loisha Sivarajakulendran – Wellbeing Administrative Support
Celeste de Miranda – Bank Worker
Darren Gosling – Bank Worker – Wellbeing Services
Nicole Antras – Bank Worker – Wellbeing Services
Sally Melhuish – Bank Worker – Wellbeing Services
Keeley Roach – Crisis Peer Support Worker 
Carrie Hardcastle -CPAS Peer Support Worker
Liam Hudson – CPAS Co-ordinator
Angela Lovegrove – CPAS Peer Support Worker
Karen Dodd – Bank Worker
Amelia Oloya – Bank Worker
Shaina Thakrar – Bank Worker
Fabian Webb – Bank Worker
Kay Burden – Bank Worker
Nicola Stone – Bank Worker
Tina Rowlinson – Bank Worker
Beth Stewart – Bank Worker
Keeley Roach – Bank Worker

Support Services – Housing

Marta Gimenez – Housing Manager
Fergus McKewan – Senior Housing Support Worker
Liam Cavanagh – Senior Support Worker 
Paula  Clarke  – Senior Support Worker
Frances Yim – Support Worker
Eve Coates – Support Worker  
Christina Carter – Support Worker
Harriet Goodall – Bank Social Worker
Esther Adeola Etuokwu – Bank Social Worker
Michaela Barker – Housing Support Worker
Chloe Halpin – Housing Support Worker
Sarah Gallagher – Housing Support Worker
Peter Hudson – Maintenance Worker
Tracy Hinton – Senior Housing Management Services Administrator
Denise Heath – Administrative Officer


Employment Services

Ben Green – Aspirations Coordinator
Danielle Smith – Aspirations Coach
Nigel  Hands – Aspirations Coach
Sianne Goddard – Aspirations Employment Support Worker
Ronnie James – Aspirations Administrator/ Finance
Alison Westmacott – Aspirations Counsellor
Ruth Dalton – IPS Worker Employment Services
Sue Carter -Employment Support Worker
Paul Buggs – Support Worker/Data Administrator
Deborah Williams – Employment Support Worker
Brendan Fee – Medway IAPT Employment Advisor
Darren Johnston – Bank worker
Zhanna Murphy – Aspirations Counsellor


Maria Kent – Communications Officer

Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT)

Bally Jassal  – IAPT Manager
Jennifer Kelly – IAPT Outreach Worker
Shirley Walker – High Intensity Therapist
Marie Clare Keenan – High Intensity Therapist
Nisha Kamdar – High Intensity Therapist
Cindy Lowe – High Intensity Therapist
Mark Bradley – Trainee High Intensity Therapist
Karolina Mykietyn – Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner
Gina Bryant – Trainee High Intensity Therapist
Sharon Findley – Trainee High Intensity Therapist
Sandra Hemans-Davies – Trainee High Intensity Therapist
Abimbola Abiodun – Trainee High Intensity Therapist
Helen Kirby – IAPT Therapist
Grace Thurkle – Trainee Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner
Giorgia Zamboni – Trainee Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner
Hayley Ashenden – Trainee Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner
Arta Mirashi – Trainee High Intensity Therapist
Zaynab Achhala – Trainee High Intensity Therapist
Abi Omisore – Trainee High Intensity Therapist
Zehra Gurbuz – Trainee Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner

Fee Paying Services

Hannah Maskell – Fee Paying Services Co-ordinator

Training Services
Rebecca Smith– Training/Young People Specialist

Children and Young Person’s Support Services

Rebecca Smith – Training/Young People Specialist
Kezia Murphy  – Senior CYP practitioner 
Wendy Cullen- CYP Support Worker
Amy Cairney – CYP Support Worker
Sarah Murphy – CYP Support Worker
Paula Robinson – Children’s Worker
Karen Beaney – Schools Coach
Yasmin Allder – Schools Coach
Courtney Ludlow – Schools Coach
Celeste Di-Trolio  – Children’s Worker 
Lisa Allen  – CYP Practicioner 
Lisa Cockburn  – CYP Practicioner 
Sarah Thompson  – CYP Practicioner
Danielle Sandford – CYP Practitioner 
Kobe Akanmu – CYP Practitioner 


IAPT Sessional Workers

Frances Barnes – IAPT Therapist
Tina Rowlinson – IAPT Therapist
Martin Turner – IAPT Therapist
Zehra Anguis – IAPT Therapist
Debbie Peat – IAPT Therapist
Susanna Wilson – IAPT Therapist
Tracey Leon – IAPT Therapist
Marinette Keenan – IAPT Therapist
Debbie Navin – IAPT Therapist
Ronnie Pereira – IAPT Therapist
Roy Acland – IAPT Therapist
Layide Williams – IAPT Therapist


Dan Hart – Fundraising Officer