Self Refer

Please note all IAPT self referrals should now email us. Only if they are unable to email (don’t have access to emails, ITC or not tech savvy etc) should they phone during the covid-19 crisis on the normal number.

The new email address is 

We welcome self-referrals.

You can self-refer to our services during the COVID-19 Crisis as follows:

  1. Email (preferred): for IAPT Services (please include your NHS number which can be found on any NHS correspondence or a prescription)
    For all other services use
  2. Fill out the Self-referral Form
  3. Please telephone: 01322 291380 if no access to email facilities
  4. If you wish to attend a Live Well Kent Open Session or the Computer Group, you can show up on the day and register with a member of staff (currently not in use during COVID-19 Crisis)

What happens next?

We will contact you, usually by phone or email. If you are accessing our IAPT talking therapies: we will arrange a telephone assessment.

This will last 30-40 minutes.If you have an assessment arranged but realise later you will be unable to make it, please let us know as soon as possible so we can rearrange and somebody else in need can make use of the time.

You can email to inform us of a cancellation.