Activity Ideas

Our Wellbeing Peer Support Groups have spoken about how the weather/seasons can affect mood and how active we are – our mental and physical health. We worked together to compile this list of indoor activity ideas for World Mental Health Day #DoOneThing. We hope that this inspires you to either try something new, revisit an activity you have enjoyed before, or gives you ideas to share.

  • Try a new craft such as crocheting, knitting or embroidery.
  • Learn a new musical instrument or make use of household equipment!
Orange yarn ball
  • Join an online drama group or choir.
  • Watch a film you have always wanted to watch.
  • Try drawing, colouring, watercolours, cartooning, tie-dye, join a painted rocks group on Facebook.
  • Bake, explore new recipes and use seasonal fruit and vegetables, if possible.
  • Read anything you fancy or try something new. Books, poetry, religious reading, spoken word or quotes.
The perfect entertainment snack
Colorful pokla-dot cupcake holders
  • Take nature and wildlife photos from your window or outside.
  • Reminisce over old photos and videos you have taken or friends and family wish to show you.
  • Word searches or Sudoko or learn a new card game. (available online).
  • Phone a friend you haven’t spoken to for ages.
  • Start a journal (Gratitude) or write to a penpal, or friend you haven’t spoken to for a while.
  • De-clutter one drawer at a time.
  • Listen to music and make a playlist that inspires you.
  • Explore free apps with calming sounds or mindfulness ideas.
  • Take time for you without any guilt, whatever makes you happy and relaxed.
  • Listen to white noise e.g. sounds of the sea, rain etc to help with sleep.
  • Learn a new language (Duolingo App) – could be sign language.
  • Do a jigsaw or play a board game / a game on an app.
  • Watch game/quiz shows to broaden your general knowledge.
  • Make models out of Lego, clay or reclaimed materials.
  • Do some DIY or upcycle some furniture.
  • Watch cute / funny animal videos on Youtube.
  • Feng shui your home / change furniture layout
  • Do some exercise e.g. yoga, resistance bands, Zoomba
  • Keep your hands busy, help yourself to relax with fidget spinners, rubix cubes, bubble blowing etc
  • Finish a project you have started.
  • Alter or make some new clothing.
  • Try out different make up or hair styles
  • Go on virtual tours online – some zoos, animal sanctuaries have them.