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North Kent Mind, The Almshouses, 20 West Hill Dartford, Kent, DA1 2EP

  • General Office: 01322 291380
  • Fax: 01322 285294


Staff and Trustees

Board of Trustees

Harley Clark – Chair
James Aitchison – Deputy Chair
Alex Stukalov-Stone – Trustee
Phil Mathews – Trustee
Donald Macleod – Trustee
  Diljeet Nota – Trustee
Andrew Upstill  – Trustee
Lyndsey Stukalov-Stone – Trustee

Senior Management 

Justin Bateman – Chief Executive Officer
Richard Giles – Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Central Services

Angie Lawrence - Central Services Manager
  Janet Taylor - Senior Administrative Officer
  Ruth Coveney - Administrator/Receptionist
 Angie Purchase - Human Resources Administrator
  Sue Minall - Senior Finance Officer
  Laura Maloney - Assistant Finance Officer
 Heather Law - Cleaner
 Joy Scudder - Bank Administrator
Mandy Charles - Bank Administrator
Alex Vale - PCPT Senior Administrator
   Dale Cruft - PCPT Administrator
  Lisa Gardiner - PCPT Administrator
  Troy Thornton - PCPT Administrator
  Karen Trueman - PCPT Administrator
  Kay Flynn - PCPT Administrator
  Fergus Mckewan - Database Specialist
  Alda da Silva - PCPT Administrator
  Wendy Redmond - PCPT Administrator 
Sandra Walter - PCPT Administrator
  Brenda Green – Senior first contact Worker
Cat Baggett - First Contact Co-ordinator

Support Services – Wellbeing 

Kathy Noble – Wellbeing Services Manager
Sue Carter – Support Worker
Paul Buggs – Database Administrator
Karolina Mykietyn – Support Worker
Julie Moss – Support Worker

 Support Services – Housing

Jacques Domingue – Housing Manager
Christina Carter – Support Worker
Fergus McKewan – Support Worker
Ryan Aldous – Gardener
Pat Roach – Maintenance Worker
Janet Taylor – Senior Administrative Officer

 Support Services – General

Sabrina Giordano – Bank Worker
Sheila Gaubicher – Bank Worker
Ufoma Akpeki – Bank Worker
Rebecca Drysdale – Bank Worker
Celeste de Miranda – Bank Worker
Rebecca Clarke – Bank Worker
Lara Jenkins – Bank Worker
Wendy Redmond – Bank Worker – PCPT Admin
Sabby Kaur – Bank Worker – PCPT Admin
Ruth Dalton – Bank Worker – PCPT Admin
Darren Gosling – Bank Worker – Wellbeing Services
Nicole Antras – Bank Worker – Wellbeing Services
Lisa James – Bank Worker – Wellbeing Services
Sally Melhuish – Bank Worker – Wellbeing Services
Ryan Aldous – Bank Worker – Wellbeing Services
Joy Scudder – Bank Worker – Central Admin


Employment Services

Emma Jarnell - Employment Services Manager
Ben Green - Aspirations Coordinator
 Rebecca Smith – Aspirations Employment Support Worker
Chris Keavney - Aspirations Employment Support Worker
Kelly Millgate - Aspirations Employment Support Worker
 Jacqueline Leek -  Aspirations Employment Support Worker
 Kirsty Hawkins - Aspirations Administrator
Faye Austen-Young – Aspirations Counsellor
Rebecca Meek - Aspirations Counsellor
Sue Carter -Employment Support Worker
 Paul Buggs - Support Worker/Data Specialist
Deborah Williams - Employment Support Worker
Lisa James - Employment Support Worker
Sarah Crouch - Medway IAPT Employment Advisor
Joseph Pay -  Aspirations Employment Support Worker

Primary Care Psychological Therapies

Maria Wright – PCPT Manager
Jane Mendoza – High Intensity Therapist
Jamie Gibbs – High Intensity Therapist
Shirley Walker – High Intensity Therapist
Wendy Heathcote – Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner
Alex Kersse – Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner
Dalia Almoniene – High Intensity Therapist
Antonio Alemao – High Intensity Therapist
Jamie Scannell – High Intensity Therapist
MarieClare Keenan –  High Intensity Therapist
Germana Lampo – Trainee High Intensity Therapist
Helen Mumford – Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner
Heather Maddison-Roberts –  Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner
Bina Badiani – High Intensity Therapist
Jane Barham  – High Intensity Therapist
Nisha Kamdar – High Intensity Therapist
Cindy Lowe – High Intensity Therapist
Tracey Leon – Trainee Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner
Caroline Gougerty – Trainee Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner
Jodie Walker – Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner
Gwen Smith – Trainee High Intensity Therapist
Mark Bradley – Trainee High Intensity Therapist
Petra Gorham – Trainee Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner
Christopher Wilson – Trainee Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner
Charlie Aretuemhem – Trainee PWP
Angelique Umutoni – Trainee PWP
Barbara Neri – Trainee PWP
Louise Bright – Trainee PWP

Fee Paying Services

Faye Austen-Young – Manager
Catherine Stafford – Administrator


Vicky Whitebread – Training/Young People Specialist

Sessional Workers

Roy Acland – PCPT Therapist
Frances Barnes – PCPT Therapist
Dave Dunn – PCPT Therapist
Lydia Hardy – PCPT Therapist
Liz O’Driscoll – PCPT Therapist
Tina Rowlinson – PCPT Therapist
Martin Turner – PCPT Therapist
Zehra Anguis – PCPT Therapist
Joanne Broome – PCPT Therapist
Sharon Findley – PCPT Therapist
Lorraine Hemphery – PCPT Therapist
Debbie Peat – PCPT Therapist
Michelle Silverthorne – PCPT Therapist
Susanna Wilson – PCPT Therapist
Susan Badham – PCPT Therapist
Gina Bryant – PCPT Therapist
Natalie Golder – PCPT Therapist
Marinette Keenan – PCPT Therapist
Debbie Navin – PCPT Therapist
Ronnie Pereira – PCPT Therapist
Vinita Sinha – PCPT Therapist
Maria Yetman – PCPT Therapist
Clare Hall – PCT Therapist
Helen Kirby – PCPT Therapist
John Spencer – Mindfulness Plus Facilitator – PCPT
Kay Cordingley – Time for Change Facilitator – Wellbeing Services



North Kent Mind's fee-paying counselling services can also be found on The Counselling Directory

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