The Kent Mental Health & Wellbeing Awards

The Kent Mental Health and Wellbeing Awards is an annual event showcase the people, organisations and initiatives that help us cope with life.

Never has that support been more important than in the last year as we struggled to comprehend Covid19 and the impact and stress of lockdown. 

Whether it is in your business, community or family, so many of us have been lucky to have people and organisations with ideas, tips and tactics to help us cope – it is time to celebrate those mental health and wellbeing champions in our community and share this best practice.  

The awards are staged by the mental health charity South Kent Mind, in collaboration with local Mind charities in Kent, Medway, Bexley and Bromley. (alternate text for you – Local Mind Name is a key partner helping to promote the awards in collaboration with local Mind charities in Kent, Medway, Bexley and Bromley).

Nominations can be linked to a simple act of kindness that lifted the spirits, a business that has improved staff wellbeing, through to a targeted initiative delivered by a charity or statutory organisation to support a mental health issue. 

Nominations can be submitted until noon on Wednesday, 1st September.  

To nominate and find out more – click here.

North Kent Mind – Emma Jarnell (Empoloyment Manager), Philp Mardell (Wellbeing Manger) & Marta Gimenez (Housing Manager)