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North Kent Mind, The Almshouses, 20 West Hill Dartford, Kent, DA1 2EP

  • General Office: 01322 291380
  • Fax: 01322 285294


Primary Care Psychological Services

Primary Care Psychological Services


‘North Kent Mind offers PCPT and IAPT Talking Therapies in Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley, and Medway’



Talking Therapies on the NHS


Many people find that they suffer to some degree from issues such as depression, low mood, anxiety, panic attacks, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), social or other phobias, agoraphobia or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Help is available: North Kent Mind have been specially approved by the NHS to offer you help to overcome these issues. We know that giving help to people at the earliest opportunity enables many to overcome these issues, and get some balance back into their life.



Can anybody use these Services?


Talking Therapies are funded by the NHS for Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley, and Medway. People using these services should live in this area, or have a GP based in this area, and be 18 years of age or over. The service can also be used by people who live elsewhere in Kent, but they will also have similar services in their own locality.


How do I access this service for Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley;?


We welcome self-referrals or ask your GP to put in a referral on your behalf.



How do I access this service for Medway ?


Self referrals or welcome or ask your GP to put in a referral on your behalf;
Contact our partners at Insight Healthcare


0300 0293000 or email


What happens next?


We or our partners in Medway will contact you, usually by phone, to arrange a face-to-face  assessment. This will last  30-40 minutes. It saves time if you are able to bring your NHS number with you. This will be written on any correspondence you have had from the NHS. If you have an assessment arranged but realise later you will be unable to make it, please let us know as soon as possible so we can rearrange and somebody else in need can make use of the time.


What will the assessment show?


It will allow us to see if you are eligible to receive services from us and, if so, what kind of services we can offer, depending on your wishes and the assessment. These will be explained to you at assessment. We aim to start your therapy within 4 weeks of referral.


What kind of help is available?


Group and individual help are both available, and sessions will take place generally on a weekly basis. Services are delivered by various professionals  such as Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners, High Intensity CBT Therapists, and qualified counsellors.  We use various models of help, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychoeducation, Counselling and Mindfulness which will be explained at assessment. We can provide help in a number of Asian and European languages as well as British Sign Language, and will provide an interpreter where necessary.


What is expected of clients?


You will be allocated a sequence of sessions  with the same therapist at the same time and place every week.
We do expect you to turn up to the sessions you have been allocated. This service, provided by the NHS, is free to clients, and there are many people that wish to use it: we cannot continue to provide services for people who do not attend.




This is a confidential service, but we do ask your permission to let your GP know the basic details of our work with you (eg number of sessions, dates), and we respect your decision on this. In extreme circumstances, where we think you are a danger to yourself or others, we might need to contact other agencies, and this is explained in the Therapy Agreement you will hold with us.


Times and Venues


These services are delivered at various venues throughout North Kent.  We do offer services in the daytime, in the evenings and at weekends, but clients should note that if they are too particular about when they can attend, this might result in their waiting a bit longer until a slot becomes available.


Reasons to choose North Kent Mind 


  • 87% of clients show provable and significant improvement
  • 54% of clients make so much improvement they can be rated as “moving to recovery”
  • These figures are significantly above national averages
  • We provide employment support for clients also wishing to get back to work • Variety of local venues and session times to suit
  • We work face-to face with you, not just on the telephone as some providers do
  • Post-therapy support available



When in Crisis………


Although we try to arrange therapy as soon as we can, especially where someone is in great distress, this is not a crisis service.


People needing crisis help should approach the
Social Services/NHS mental health team in office hours: 01322 622230


Or outside of office hours contact the GP out of hours service and ask them to refer to the Crisis Team.


Mental Health Matters helpline is also available outside of office hours: 0800 1070160


Samaritans: 0208 301 1010


Our DGS NHS Talking Therapies information leaflet can be found clicking HERE
Our Medway NHS Talking Therapies information leaflet can be found clicking HERE


In addition to the above we offer an online support service called Silvercloud which can be found HERE




North Kent Mind's fee-paying counselling services can also be found on The Counselling Directory

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