Coping With Life Courses

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North Kent Mind Coping with Life courses help people to learn and develop coping strategies (for Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley clients) using cognitive behavioural techniques and other methods. Courses lasts between 5-7 weeks and cover managing techniques for
Anxiety, Stress, Depression and helping to improve Self-Esteem, Confidence & Assertiveness.

Managing Depression; This course provides participants with an understanding of how the interrelationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviour help to maintain depression. The course enables participants to identify strategies and develop skills that will help to change this cycle

Managing Anxiety and Stress; This course provides participants with an understanding of what anxiety is and how it is maintained, and identify the cause and effects of stress. The course looks at the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Participants learn how confidence-building, problem solving and relaxation help to reduce anxiety and manage stress more effectively.

Improving Self-Esteem, Confidence & Assertiveness; This course helps participants understand how thoughts and beliefs can maintain low self-esteem and undermine assertiveness. Participants learn and develop skills that help to change these cycles. The course teaches you how to recognise your value, handle criticism, say no and avoid being taken advantage of. The course introduces ideas on how to develop self-confidence and provides an opportunity to practice strategies and skills with other group members to build and maintain self-confidence and assertiveness

Other Courses

We also facilitate the following courses;

Mindfulness, An Introduction; This 7 week course introduces a mind body based approach that helps people change the way they think and feel about their experiences.

Time for Change; A twice weekly psycho-educational group lasting for 30 weeks.

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