Complementary Therapies

Complementary Therapies

Massage and Reflexology

Complementary Therapies improve general well-being physically, mentally and emotionally by means of massage and reflexology. We offer swedish, deep tissue and acupressure massage which encourages relaxation and eases muscle tension. It also helps manage anxiety and stress as well as improve mood.

Reflexology is a gentle non-intrusive treatment which involves working on the reflex points in the hands and feet benefiting the whole body system and therefore encouraging the body to restore to its natural equilibrium.

Full body massage£32 (1 hour)
Massage (Back/head/neck/shoulders)£22 (30 mins)
Acupressure massage£20 (30 mins)
Reflexology£28 (1 hour)

Please contact: Wendy Redmond – 07496 473675 or call 01322 291380