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North Kent Mind, The Almshouses, 20 West Hill Dartford, Kent, DA1 2EP

  • General Office: 01322 291380
  • Fax: 01322 285294


Mind will run a Mindfulness group from Tuesday 5th June and then shall run every Tuesday for 7 weeks from 3.00pm to 4.30pm. This group will be at the Alms houses in Dartford.


For more information on a group running in the Swanley area please refer to THIS leaflet.

Mindfulness Music Tracks

These Are tracks you can use for Mindfulness. Click on the name of the track to access them.

Disc 1.

  1. Breath, sounds, thoughts & emotions meditation (19:01 mins)
  2. Body Scan (14: 36 mins)
  3. Mindfulness of breath (9:57 mins)
  4.  The benefits of guided meditation in everyday life (11:52 mins) Jon Kabat Zinn

Disc  2.

  1. Kieran Fleck – Sitting Meditation (20:18 mins)
  2. Ten minute mindfulness of breathing (10: 01 mins)
  3. Sitting with the breath (15: 02mins)
  4. Six minute breathing awareness (6:32 mins)



North Kent Mind's fee-paying counselling services can also be found on The Counselling Directory

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