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North Kent Mind, The Almshouses, 20 West Hill Dartford, Kent, DA1 2EP

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Medway Low Cost Counselling Service

Medway Low Cost Counselling Service


The Low-cost Counselling Service of Mind in Medway Partnership is delivered by qualified and trainee counsellors who volunteer to take on this work. We currently have 28 counsellors, providing a service to around 75 clients at any one time.

The service is available to clients by arrangement in the daytime, evening and at weekends, at our offices in Chatham and Rochester.

What kind of Counselling is available?

Our counsellors, both male and female, come from different walks of life and different cultural backgrounds, and we currently can offer counselling in English, French, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Marathi and British Sign Language. We have also created a special fund to provide interpreters, if needed.

Most of our counsellors have been trained in a number of approaches to counselling and will adapt to the needs of the client. This is called an Integrative Approach.

We strive to match the needs of the client with the skills and approach of the particular counsellor.

We agree the number of sessions with each client, and review this during the counselling process: we do not set rigid boundaries around maximum number of sessions as is the rule in many other counselling organisations.

How do I refer?

Self referrals, or referrals from any professional, are made to the office usually by phone. We will then contact you to discuss your needs, to explain the charging system, and to inform you of how long you can expect to wait before counselling will start. As this is a popular service, there is sometimes a waiting list. Sometimes we might suggest another service of Mind in Medway Partnership is more appropriate to your needs.

When you are allocated a counsellor they will be in touch with you to arrange the first session.

So, how much do you charge?

Our policy is that clients will be charged as follows: where clients are unwaged the charge is £8.00 per session, and where they receive a salary, at £14.00 or more per session. This will be discussed during the first telephone contact.

This service is separate from the Psychological Services that we provide via the NHS, and which are free. The Low-cost Counselling Service is designed for people who have counselling needs not able to be met through the NHS service, or who wish to work further on issues once their NHS-

is expected of clients?

Clients will be charged for each session that is booked for them. If you do not turn up to a booked session, we expect you to pay the next time for the session you missed. If you are going to be away on a planned holiday, we need 4 weeks’ notice of this in advance.

We also expect clients to complete a feedback form at the end of the counselling, so we have some way of knowing how useful the service has been to you.


Confidentiality is a key part of the counselling relationship, and counsellors are trained to keep confidential the content of counselling sessions. However, from time to time a counsellor might have serious concerns about the safety of the client, or others. In these rare circumstances, it is appropriate for the counsellor to discuss this with us. All this is explained in the counselling agreement signed by clients.

For further information contact:

Faye Austin- Young

North Kent Mind
The Almshouses,
20 West Hill
Dartford Kent DA1 2EP
Tel: 01322 291380

For further information regarding the Medway Low Cost Counselling Service please see our flyers below:

Medway Low Cost Counselling Leaflet 





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