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North Kent Mind, The Almshouses, 20 West Hill Dartford, Kent, DA1 2EP

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Springboard Services

Springboard Services


These services are run by North Kent Mind, and help people with mental health problems to learn new skills or develop existing ones, become volunteers in other organisations or within North Kent Mind, or seek paid employment. This is a really practical way to gain self-confidence, develop skills and personal qualities and enable people to have a more positive impact on their future. The 4 key opportunities within this service are:

1. Assisted Volunteering

This is a service to help people take up volunteering opportunities. We can help you find a fulfilling and worthwhile volunteer role that you enjoy. We will work with you to identify what your interests are, help you in researching and contacting appropriate organisations, assist you in securing a volunteer role and support you through your placement.


2. Employment Support

This service helps you in finding paid employment. We can help you write your CV, research appropriate job roles in your local area, complete application forms and prepare for interviews. We will support you with all aspects of finding placements, work experience and volunteering to progress you onto your chosen employment pathway.

3. Vocational Support

If you are looking to develop your skills, learn new ones or change your direction in life, we can help you identify and access training and educational opportunities. We will support you through your learning, and help move you towards your goals once the training has completed.

4. Personal Development

We recognise that personal development and growth is vitally important in building confidence and raising self-esteem, particularly in people with mental health problems. We will work with you to identify and evaluate your skills and personal qualities and support you in developing your strengths. We will help you identify development needs and provide a safe environment where you can explore these areas and work to improve them.

What people who have used the service say about it:

“Mind encouraged and empowered me to take the leap of finding work. I’m now employed and looking forward to starting a new exciting chapter of my life. Thank you for believing in me and seeing my potential.”


Where and when do these services take place?

Much of the service is provided on a one-to-one basis, usually in our Dartford Offices, but on-going support, for instance the Assisted Volunteering Scheme, may be provided over the telephone if that is best for you.

Our Dartford offices are located at: 31 Orchard Street, Dartford, Kent, DA1 2DH. For more information, refer to our venues section located HERE

How do I apply to use these services?

To be able to use these services you should:

  • Live in the Dartford, Gravesham or Swanley Area
  • Be 18 or over and have a mental health issue
  • Be willing to take up the new opportunities offered by these Services.

Referrals to the service can be made by you, or by a professional on your behalf.

Contact us here

We can advise and support you in retaining your employment should you need to take time off from work due to mental illness.

The Aims of Springboard Services are:

To support people with mental health problems to work actively towards their recovery by supporting them to voluntary work paid employment or vocational training.

To increase confidence, self-esteem, skills and social networks, and promote social inclusion.

To empower people to play an active and valued role in their own communities.

To give people with mental health problems the opportunity for new challenges and interests.

To ensure people with mental health issues have the same rights to employment and education as anyone else.

Working with others:

The success of this service has often been through the links we establish with other local initiatives working in the field.

We work closely with the local Job Centre to provide support to employed people suffering mental ill health, engaging them in other Mind services and running an independent Preparing for Work Course. Through these means, we are able to reach out to people who might not otherwise have accessed our services.



North Kent Mind's fee-paying counselling services can also be found on The Counselling Directory

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